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Michael goes live! [Sep. 21st, 2016|09:31 pm]
Michael is going to be live on facebook 10 - 12am central time tonight, along with friends & Impastor cast mates!


He's looking good!
 photo CsfKWTTXEAAm7E__zpswzt4s1yk.jpg

And is still a very silly boy <3
 photo Cs1Xw9OUMAA40fC_zpsd5ysoeqn.jpg

Very funny 5 minute interview here - Michael cracks up a US TV crew!
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Michael lounges [Aug. 28th, 2016|08:53 pm]
In love with this pic! (Credit: Kaos Records)
 photo MR_zps2apajl1n.jpg
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Michael round-up! [Aug. 14th, 2016|08:02 pm]
Michael's new film "Last Days of Summer" took top prize today at the Rhode Island Film Festival! The preview looks interesting. William Fichtner plays a man who becomes obsessed with the young woman next door, thinking her husband (Michael) is abusive to her. But is it real or in his head? Here's the preview:


Rockin' a cool hat...
 photo Cp1pX31UIAEtn-x_zpscpgweb9e.jpg

And getting some birthday love:
 photo MRFS2_zps17uqgxve.jpg
 photo MRFS_zpsuvsqi5wk.jpg
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Birthday musings [Jul. 11th, 2016|09:50 pm]
Rather a subdued birthday for me this year as last week was full of depressing news stories and last week was also crazy hot. On the hottest day, I left a meeting at City Hall and then got stuck in the elevator with 15 other people. The elevator itself wasn't stuck, happily roaming from floor to floor, but never stopping at a floor to open the doors. Throughout this, two guys were animatedly chatting to each other never noticing that the elevator is never reaching the lobby.

Finally, we get to the lobby. I walk down to the train station, then up to my platform. And then I collapse, in the most embarrassingly dramatic, slow motion style possible. The heat + the closeness of the elevator turned my legs rubbery somehow.

But this is the nice part. I fall, drop stuff. Four people instantly stop rushing for the train and come over. South Asian man picks up my transit card. Black woman picks up my purse. White dude stands behind me, offering a hand if I need it. Pregnant Asian lady hovers to see if she can help. None of them speak, they are all just hovering to make sure I'm okay, which I am. I thank them all and then once I'm on my feet, we rush off in our separate directions. It's a very Toronto moment.

Today is the birthday of my Forever Crush, whom age does not wither.

 photo 11891127_10207359347687014_9144931381669733533_n_zps4msbfjbl.jpg

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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2016|09:55 pm]
Happy Birthday digitalwave! Hope it's been a lovely one.

Michael seemed to enjoy his July 4th party, lol! 2nd from right is Krista Allen, aka the first Mrs Luthor (Desiree in "Heat")
 photo mr1_zpszsgaavmw.jpg
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Michael & Johnathon Schaech [Jun. 26th, 2016|11:06 pm]
Happy Birthday norwich36 - hope you had a great one!

Johnathon Schaech is guest starring in S2 of Impastor. I adore this photo.
 photo JS_zpsqoeaeeee.jpg
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Michael pics [Jun. 23rd, 2016|10:04 pm]
Happy birthday daisydumont - I hope this year brings you very good times!

Impastor has wrapped S2 - here's Michael with the producers & guest star Adrian Holmes
 photo AH2_zpsukkxwnbu.jpg

Michael + Chris + LadiesCollapse )
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Glover & Michael & birds [Jun. 9th, 2016|09:33 pm]
The last remaining Smallville holdout has joined social media - Mr John Glover on instagram!


He left a very Glover-esque comment on this photo!
 photo Jg1_zpsn3bqka0k.jpg

Meanwhile, Michael is adorable with birds...First, he rescued a bird in the Impastor makeup trailer

And then...
 photo Ckc56rnUoAAkN-H_zpsbd8jtfwe.jpg

This comment on Michael's facebook wins!
 photo 1_zps1isodg7k.jpg
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Tom & Michael pics [Jun. 6th, 2016|10:05 pm]
Something I just learned today: if you are having your period, local anesthetic may not work. (One prolonged session at the dentist later, I will never make that mistake again.)

Fortunately there are pretty men to ease the pain. Here's Tom commemorating Memorial Day at the gym with a nipple standing at attention.
 photo CjzFPQXUUAE7dD4_zpsyey0v8ll.jpg
And Mr Hottie, the Priest.
 photo MRCTH_zpsq34ymjsl.jpg

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Michael & Tom [May. 24th, 2016|10:33 pm]
Happy belated birthday phoenixnz - hope it was nice!

From the Impastor twitter, Michael enjoys a mutual grope with costumer Steve Oben!
 photo ImpBTS_zps7g3ysmsd.jpg

Via tariel22, Tom smolders at a golf tournament! Photo: Jimmy Gunn.
 photo CjFGN5TUUAAtq79_zps8fxkovsu.jpg
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