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Michael & Tom still love each other <3 [May. 17th, 2017|09:51 pm]
Michael posted a video on facebook today and Tom got a nice mention, prompted by this fan question!

Q: “Are you and Tom Welling actual enemies?”

Michael: “No dude, I love Welling. I just went to his 40th birthday party at the Houdini House. Harry Houdini. It was a blast. He gave me a big hug. Almost broke me because he’s actually as strong as Superman. I love the guy, dude. I think we’re the closest of anyone else in the cast. He and I…Clark and Lex. Ironically, off camera, we’re definitely the closest I think, out of anybody.”

“Tom Welling’s awesome. He’s great. He looks great. He’s charming as hell. I love him. I’m going to get him on my podcast.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Michael in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" [May. 6th, 2017|08:50 pm]
I enjoyed the first GOTG and I liked this one even more (and not just because Michael's in it!)

Mild spoilers under the cutCollapse )
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Michael at the GOTG2 premiere! [Apr. 22nd, 2017|06:37 pm]
So excited for him! Bought a ticket for opening weekend, first time to see Michael on an IMAX screen. From the little Michael has said, the role isn't huge but is important to the mythos (ie, chances of him appearing in GOTG3 or another Marvel film, seem good.)

Michael's character shares scenes with Sly Stallone's character apparently! A thrill for Michael, who loves the Rocky movies, esp Rocky 3!
 photo G2_zpszsiijlqi.jpg

Michael brought a date to the premiere! This GF seems like a more serious one, if they're going public as a couple. Michael is always very private about girlfriends.
 photo G1_zpsfref8osc.jpg

Article with speculation about Michael's role:
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Baby hits the big time! [Mar. 19th, 2017|05:53 pm]
It was announced on Friday that Michael has a role in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2." Yay! The role has not been named. People are speculating about Adam Warlock, Richard Rider etc but I don't know enough of this universe to hazard a guess. Whoever he's playing, this is great for him; this will likely be the biggest hit movie of the year. And Michael deserves every bit of success.

Quote from Michael's facebook live video this week: "I'd do Anderson Cooper. He's super-handsome."
 photo 6df549d29f07a487e487b908fcee4b8d_zpsnfmvzljk.jpg
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Ankle, Gilmore Girls and wicked Tommy [Feb. 16th, 2017|06:56 pm]
Five months after I broke the ankle, I continue to go to physiotherapy three times a week. The progress sometimes seems very slow, but I am getting there. Today, the physiotherapist reminded me of how swollen the foot was when it first came out of "the boot." Now I can see veins and when I get massaged, the physio can feel bones! The foot is no longer a big fleshy brick.

One of my more comical exercises is rubbing different substances on my foot to help wake up the nerve endings. So far I've tried: a feather, a sponge, a cat (several times) a spoon, sand paper, tv remote. Chances are, if you visit my house and pick up an object, at some point it will have been rubbed on my foot.

While recovering, I've watched a lot of Gilmore Girls. It was a good show for this purpose as I wasn't especially invested in it. (Have been purposefully avoiding any show or movie that will make me sad or angry.) If I had been watching the show when it first aired, I suspect I would have been out of synch with the fandom, as Jason "Digger" is my favourite of the boyfriends and I really hate the grandfather. Love Edward Herrman but the character is a mean, pompous old git.

Gilmore Girls question: should I jump ship at the S4 finale? Are the latter seasons worth watching at all?

On another note, via dawnybee , look at this sexy creature, wicked spark in his eye!
 photo tw_zpslldbl9js.jpg
Michael, in my preferred outfit on him: classic white T. He's looking upwards because he's singing "Love in an Elevator" but let's pretend he's ogling Tom in the pic above.
 photo mr1_zps9a6bzzor.jpg
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Scar friction [Jan. 16th, 2017|08:26 pm]
Broken ankle: I had hoped by this point I would be walking more or less normally. At least, I can walk....just not without a limp yet. Trying not to be depressed about this. The physiotherapist was trying to cheer me up today and taped up the ankle with neon pink tape.

My least favourite activity at physiotherapy is having my scar massaged. It has to be done, to heal, but it's unpleasant. The physio is very admiring of my surgery scar and has called colleagues over to look at it. Apparently, as scars go, it's a nice one.

On a happier note, here's Michael sharing an apple with Irv.
 photo 1_zpsrdwrtszu.jpg
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(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2017|06:22 pm]
Happy New Year!

Only one resolution this year: to learn to walk again. My "boot" comes off on Tuesday. I am so ready to say goodbye to crutches.

Michael celebrated with friends on a skiing trip. (Photo: DTLally) I like his outfit. Also like that his friend is wearing the same "onesie." May Michael continue to be as adorable in 2017 (I am confident in predicting he will be.) And may we see more of the elusive Mr. Welling.
 photo NYE1_zpsufrywkmy.jpg
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Broken ankle. Fallen Show, Tom's eyelashes... [Dec. 19th, 2016|08:17 pm]
Broken ankle update: today I was able to ride my stationary bicycle for 15 minutes, which was very exciting! My injured leg has shrunk and now I have a "thigh gap" which is not a desirable attribute - the cats keep falling into it. I want my beefy muscular legs back.

Michael's show "Impastor" has been cancelled, which wrecked me. Tears were shed. (Granted, I'm more emo than usual this year but it just feels like 2016 has no good news to offer.) I loved this show, as funny and sweet and hyperactive as a Labrador retriever puppy, and a perfect vehicle for Michael. This gentleman eloquently sums up our collective loss:

 photo tweet1_zpsu67aympv.jpg

Anyway, Michael had his usual Christmas party with friends...
 photo MR2_zpsuusbrzvg.jpg

Tom usually attends Michael's party but he's taken his pretty face to New Zealand (and is still selling his charity shirts to raise money for St Jude's Hospital, bless.)
 photo tw2_zps3wzoqjmy.jpg
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Tom & Michael strike a pose [Nov. 16th, 2016|09:29 am]
Happy birthdays to iibnf and lapetite_kiki! Celebrate with some cute new pics of these two. (Tom is selling t-shirts to raise money for St Jude's Hospital.)

 photo mr1_zpsdsjzid3k.jpg
 photo CxRqD_XUAAAx4cg_zps2ion4ohl.jpg
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Election Eve [Nov. 7th, 2016|08:15 pm]
American friends, sending you all the best wishes for tomorrow. The world is waiting, with bated breath.

I'm calming myself by staring at the RosenBooty, looking especially pert here.
 photo CwsCxbvUAAQ9IIQ_zpslekr31w7.jpg

Happy Belated Birthdays to ariss_tenoh and xparrot! Hope you had lovely days.
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