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Tom and Michael wine! [Dec. 9th, 2018|05:45 pm]
Because we live in the oddest timeline, where politics are a mess but RPS and Clex fics come true....these two are now vintners!

Lots of pics inside, but we'll start with this one because Tom looks ready to go in for a kiss:

Clex Wine and a Luthor Family Reunion!Collapse )
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Tom Supports Michael: A Three Act Story [Dec. 3rd, 2018|07:15 pm]
Poor Michael had to have surgery on his neck last week. Tom was there to offer support.

When Michael posted that the operation went well, Tom applauded:

And finally: ♥♥♥
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Happy Birthday lapetite_kiki! [Nov. 19th, 2018|04:20 pm]
Happy Birthday lapetite_kiki! Bonne anniversaire! (Sorry to be a few days late.)

Our favourite boys are still as close as ever! From 2005:

And from a few weeks ago!
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The last Michael/Tom Con of 2018! [Nov. 4th, 2018|07:55 pm]
This weekend the guys finished up their Con tour with Rhode Island Comicon. And it ended just as it should: with Tom in Michael's shirt!

And with THIS:

Wellingbaum ♥♥♥
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More convention fun with Michael & Tom! [Sep. 18th, 2018|09:38 pm]
As if we hadn't hit maximum cuteness from Michael & Tom, the boys had another amazing panel at a convention, in which Michael nearly ended up in Tom's lap. Here's Michael & his new puppy Blanche to get things started...

Tom, Michael, puppies, LOVE!Collapse )
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Tom & Michael: The Third Weekend [Sep. 10th, 2018|08:29 pm]
Michael & Tom visited two conventions this past weekend, in Salt Lake City and Portland. Five years ago, if you were to tell me "There will come a time when you can barely keep up with all the Michael/Tom content", I would not have believed it! Just this weekend alone, there was hand-holding...and puppies....and declarations of love...let's start with the hand-holding!

Thanks to tariel22 for bringing this excellent op to my attention!

Much much more!Collapse )
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Tom & Michael at DragonCon [Sep. 4th, 2018|09:56 pm]
Their cross-country lovefest continues!

Fan: “What was Clark’s best relationship on the show?”
Tom: “Lex Luthor.”

Tell us more, Tom!Collapse )
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Michael & Tom: A Story in Three Comments [Sep. 1st, 2018|06:36 pm]
So, Michael & Tom are at Dragoncon this weekend. Last night, Michael posted a video of himself, strutting around in his underwear:

Tom's fiancee Jess left a comment!

Michael replied:

And finally Tom. Cryptic, but I'm taking it as a "yes."

Golden Age of Wellingbaum, we are living in it! ♥
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The Tom & Michael Road Trip begins! [Aug. 27th, 2018|09:25 pm]
This past weekend was the first of FOUR convention weekends in a row! My Happy Place is the spot where their arms are touching

Inside: the boys pose with a former SV co-star, a Buffy star, discuss marriage (to each other) and address the Allison thing.

So much CUTE!Collapse )
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Happy Birthday roxymissrose [Aug. 19th, 2018|12:10 pm]
Happy Birthday roxymissrose! May these two and their LOVE bless your year!

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