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Happy Birthday roxymissrose [Aug. 19th, 2018|12:10 pm]
Happy Birthday roxymissrose! May these two and their LOVE bless your year!

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Michael & Tom: conventions & tennis dates! [Aug. 16th, 2018|09:42 pm]
The lovefest continues! They are off to FOUR conventions in a row and in between are getting together for tennis!

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Tom & Michael, together yet again <3 [Jul. 18th, 2018|07:45 pm]
2018 can seem like one bad news day after another...but then there's these two.

They're promoting an upcoming convention. Video is even cuter:
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Justin, Michael, Possessive Tom! [Jun. 11th, 2018|07:12 pm]

Michael recently interviewed Justin for the podcast & they reminisced about meeting on SV!

Michael: "I remember when you came on the set for the first time."
Justin: "Tell me about it."
Michael: "Well, I was upset."
Justin: "Why?"
Michael: "Well, I already had to deal with a tremendously good-looking guy in Tom Welling. And I had to compete with that. But then you show up and it was just like "Can you get someone average looking?"
Justin: "I think that's the first thing you ever said to me. I introduced myself to you, like "hi, how are you?" And then you're like "Guys, next time can we get somebody average looking?" And then you walked away. And I thought: I like that guy. That guy's great."

(Justin must be enormous because Michael looks petite next to him)

Meanwhile, Michael went hiking with friends and Tom made it crystal clear that he'd been invited too. Of course you were, baby. Claim your man. (Hashtag #possessive)
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These two ♥ [May. 16th, 2018|06:57 pm]
An in-depth article on AM & the cult. Well written but depressing.

In happier news, Michael posted a video to promote his podcast and look who makes the very first comment! ♥

Here's Tom weaponizing those irresistable puppy eyes to express disappointment over the cancellation of Lucifer:

Watch the video & be prepared to give him everything he wants. DON'T BE SAD, TOM.

Happy birthday rosy5000!
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Michael & Tom reunite this weekend! [May. 13th, 2018|07:36 pm]
Happy belated birthday to frelling_tralk - hope you had a nice one!

It's a bad news/good news kind of week. The bad news is that "Lucifer" has been cancelled, which came as a real surprise to me. Thought it was a certain renewal. Tom W's arc may be wrapping up in the finale, but apparently other plots will end on a cliffhanger, which will be very frustrating for a dedicated fanbase. Hoping against hope that another network may swoop to the rescue.

Also bad news: Allison M had seemed to be cooperating with the prosecutor, raising hopes she was starting to shake off the cult leader's influence. Now there are reports that she was only feigning cooperation because she was desperate to get out of jail and back to the cult. Hope this is not true.

Happier news: Michael and Tom are both appearing at Cons this weekend, Michael in Philadelphia, Tom in Michigan. Michael will now be joining Tom in Michigan for one day because Tom seemingly likes having his giant hand held during panels. Even though I'm going to the Philly con, I can't be annoyed at Tom stealing Michael for one day - this togetherness is just too cute.

Michael took this lovely photo of Tom at Brisbane airport. Note the long, lush eyelashes...

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Tom & Michael in Australia, part 3! [Apr. 30th, 2018|09:25 pm]
The week of cuteness finished up today - but what a week it was! As if they couldn't be more adorable, Michael and Tom got into a Tim-Tam war with John Barrowman (Tim-Tam is a type of biscuit!)

Tom's heart eyes! ♥

Michael & Tom & Tim-Tams!Collapse )
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Happy Birthday Tom! What did Michael give him? [Apr. 26th, 2018|09:41 pm]
Tom celebrated his 41st birthday on the Gold Coast of Australia. Michael took him out to dinner. Tom's fiancee Jessica thanked Michael for looking after him:

tariel22 found a nice photo of the boys at Tom's birthday dinner!

But Michael had another gift for Tom....(NSFW)Collapse )
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Allison sadness & Wellingbaum Joy [Apr. 22nd, 2018|09:45 pm]
Allison is in jail in New York, a sad ending to the long cult saga.

Among the details to leak out was that the cult leader ordered the women to consume only a tiny amount of food, 500 calories a day, and jog for hours every day. This was partly to ensure the women matched his preferred body type, but surely also partly to break down their mental resistance. A person can't think straight eating that little, the brain needs nutrients as well as the body. Allison followed this regimen for years and I have no doubt it helped warp her thinking.

She is a victim but also a perpetrator of the abuse. Jail is what she deserves, but also perhaps what she needs to finally break away from the leader's control.

In much happier news, Michael and Tom are on a convention tour in Australia and the result has been extreme cuteness!

Tom & Michael Down Under!Collapse )
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Michael & Tom convention pics; Musings on Allison. [Apr. 8th, 2018|08:46 pm]
When I was thoroughly enjoying myself at AwesomeCon last week, every so often I would be boggled that 1) I was actually at a convention with both Michael AND Tom in attendance and 2) the main topic of conversation among SV fans in the line-ups was Allison M's involvement in that creepy cult. As one fanboy put it: "CHLOE BRANDS WOMEN?"

I can remember the cult being discussed as early as 2006, in relation to both KK and AM. The concern then was that the cult leader would fleece the girls finances or damage their careers but obviously things got so much worse. From the sounds of it, AM fell in love with the cult leader and has done terrible things to keep his love. While KK left years ago, she's unfortunately still being dragged into news reports about it, probably because she's more famous than AM and makes a better story.

I've met AM twice, at Cons in 2013 & 2014. She was friendly and nice, but I was well aware of the cult by that point, although not the grim extent of her activities, and that did colour my perception of her somewhat. In her solo panels, she would speak of a "mentor" and most of the crowd seemed to assume she meant an acting mentor, but of course it was the cult leader. While answering fan questions, she circled back to her "mentor" a number of times, as though unable to stop talking about him. When I went up for an autograph, she asked me if I was watching "Beauty and the Beast." I wonder now, in retrospect, if B&TB was in her mind because she was missing Kristin. Their friendship had ended the year before, when KK left the cult.

It is an awful, sad story. I fear jail is what AM deserves and may be the only way to detach her from the cult. It was a relief Tom & Michael weren't asked about it during their con panels, although it did apparently come up during autographs:

Now, onto happier things, like these two being ADORABLE!

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