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Tom "gets inside" Michael [Jul. 14th, 2019|06:56 pm]
The boys did another podcast together and it is everything you would want it to be!

Tom (to Michael): "I think you're a beautiful wonderful person. You have a big generous heart."


Michael: "We're starting to do these other things, these Smallville Nights, intimate readings and stuff."
Tom: "I'm so excited for that."


Tom (to Michael): "You're a catch! You're a great catch!"


Michael: “We are like old men, in a way….I joined a tennis club up the street. We go swimming, we go in the Jacuzzi, we sauna…”

Tom: “Sauna!”

Michael: “Sauna!”

Tom: “We both say it the same way.”

Michael: “Like Christopher Walken. Ready?”

Tom & Michael: “Sauna!”

Tom: “It’s fun. Michael’s naked. I don’t know why!”

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The Clex Tour continues -with bonus Kristin! [May. 20th, 2019|07:29 pm]
Michael and Tom continue to thrill the con circuit. And this pic thrills ME!

And, I mean....this little video might be the hottest scene they've ever shot!

Michael, Tom & KristinCollapse )
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Michael wears Tom [Apr. 7th, 2019|08:09 pm]
So here is Michael in a Tom shirt.

And Michael WITH Tom, in a Tom shirt

tariel22 has the full story of the Tom shirt here! It's exactly as cute as you might hope.
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Kristin joins Tom & Michael for conventions! [Feb. 17th, 2019|07:48 pm]
Tom & Michael are picking up where they left off in 2019, with a full roster of conventions! First up is Cleveland (with John Glover!) the first weekend in March, followed by appearances in Calgary, Australia, New Zealand and Kansas City. Tom is heading to Denver and Atlanta on his own (thus far!)

KK joins the guys for FanExpo Dallas and Megacon Orlando, both in May! Hoping the panels will be recorded, as am interested in her memories of early SV, particularly her Wellingbaum stories!

Who talked Kristin into going?Collapse )
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Michael & Tom & Kryptonite dongs [Jan. 13th, 2019|06:51 pm]
Real life has gotten quite difficult lately, so have not been around much. But at least these two are still doing their part to bring the joy! In an interview from Rhode Island Comicon, they get hold of an interesting green shape, and hi-jinks ensue:

Wellingbaum & phallic symbols & Uncle Rosey...Collapse )
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Michael & Tom buy hats! [Dec. 16th, 2018|06:28 pm]
Last entry, I mentioned that Tom & Michael had gone into the wine business together. Their latest bit of sharing? Hats. Here's Michael looking sexy in a bespoke hat from the Penman Hat Company:

So, naturally:

Twinsies! Hopefully 2019 will bring us pics of both guys in their hats!
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Tom and Michael wine! [Dec. 9th, 2018|05:45 pm]
Because we live in the oddest timeline, where politics are a mess but RPS and Clex fics come true....these two are now vintners!

Lots of pics inside, but we'll start with this one because Tom looks ready to go in for a kiss:

Clex Wine and a Luthor Family Reunion!Collapse )
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Tom Supports Michael: A Three Act Story [Dec. 3rd, 2018|07:15 pm]
Poor Michael had to have surgery on his neck last week. Tom was there to offer support.

When Michael posted that the operation went well, Tom applauded:

And finally: ♥♥♥
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Happy Birthday lapetite_kiki! [Nov. 19th, 2018|04:20 pm]
Happy Birthday lapetite_kiki! Bonne anniversaire! (Sorry to be a few days late.)

Our favourite boys are still as close as ever! From 2005:

And from a few weeks ago!
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The last Michael/Tom Con of 2018! [Nov. 4th, 2018|07:55 pm]
This weekend the guys finished up their Con tour with Rhode Island Comicon. And it ended just as it should: with Tom in Michael's shirt!

And with THIS:

Wellingbaum ♥♥♥
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