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May 2021 bring better things

It was a miserable year and I'm glad it's over.

Friends got me through. Through grieving and loss, through the anxiety and depression that follows.

Grateful for any bright spots, which included Smallville online panels and video chats with these two. Anything you enjoyed last year - or enjoy right now - grab on with both hands. No such thing as a guilty pleasure in 2020 or 2021. Love what you love! And may 2021 bring light on the horizon.

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Michael & Tom round-up!

Back in 2008, I had the melancholy thought that there might come a time when there would be no new pics of Michael and Tom together, that maybe their friendship would fade with time and there would be nothing left for me to post about.

Could not have anticipated that I would find it impossible to KEEP UP with the onslaught of Michael & Tom content, as the guys live in each other's laps now: doing conventions together, hanging out at each other's houses and are even the joint faces of a brand of wine! They are closer than ever and it is glorious.

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Tom "gets inside" Michael

The boys did another podcast together and it is everything you would want it to be!

Tom (to Michael): "I think you're a beautiful wonderful person. You have a big generous heart."


Michael: "We're starting to do these other things, these Smallville Nights, intimate readings and stuff."
Tom: "I'm so excited for that."


Tom (to Michael): "You're a catch! You're a great catch!"


Michael: “We are like old men, in a way….I joined a tennis club up the street. We go swimming, we go in the Jacuzzi, we sauna…”

Tom: “Sauna!”

Michael: “Sauna!”

Tom: “We both say it the same way.”

Michael: “Like Christopher Walken. Ready?”

Tom & Michael: “Sauna!”

Tom: “It’s fun. Michael’s naked. I don’t know why!”

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Kristin joins Tom & Michael for conventions!

Tom & Michael are picking up where they left off in 2019, with a full roster of conventions! First up is Cleveland (with John Glover!) the first weekend in March, followed by appearances in Calgary, Australia, New Zealand and Kansas City. Tom is heading to Denver and Atlanta on his own (thus far!)

KK joins the guys for FanExpo Dallas and Megacon Orlando, both in May! Hoping the panels will be recorded, as am interested in her memories of early SV, particularly her Wellingbaum stories!

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