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Smallville: Warrior

*spoilery* WARNING: SQUEE behind the cut.

You know that feeling when a Smallville episode is firing on all cylinders? I'm a tough cookie - I don't get that feeling often in the post-Lex years. But tonight I'm pleased.

Major props to Allison and the writers. I loved the attention to continuity and detail, like Clark thumbing through Lois's collection of costumes ("Exposed", "Combat", "Odyssey'), the various Blurs and Green Arrows wandering around the Con and Chloe taking a tumble off the roof a la "Action". Some lovely comic direction too, with the line-up of guys leaning over to check out Lois's costume and Clark getting caught in Lois's phone cord.

I love beyond words when Clark is horny but trying SO hard to suppress it: the scene where Zatanna whomps him with magic and then straddles him is my sexiest SV moment this year. Tom makes this incredible face at one point, the perfect mixture of "I want this so bad but I really, really shouldn't." HOT!

Zatanna is a goddess! The way she stares at Clark like she just wants to gobble him up....SV needs more unrepentant minxes and more acknowledgment of Clark's irresistible hotness. Love that when Chloe asks if she's interrupting, Clark says "No" & Zatanna cheerfully says "YES!" Hope she's back to tease Clark again.

Lois was great tonight - lots of comic moments for Erica. Loved her speech about why she isn't jealous and the follow-up scene at the end. Nice touch that the guy Lois revenge-kisses looks thoroughly unimpressed and rushes away! It was great to finally get another scene between the cousins and a good scene, at that.

The Warrior Angel plot was slight but the guy playing Alex did such a good job at playing both the innocent 12 year old and the ANGRY SCARY 12 year old that it worked. (And kudos to Allison for the long look we got at his very nice torso. Makes me feel better for not getting any nipples last week.)

The 30 second scene in which Oliver is snarky-taunty with Clark was a better acting moment for Justin than the entirety of "Disciple."

And finally, this was just a good Clark episode. Love that we finally got a little window into his thoughts in the scenes with Zatanna and the boy. Tom is always so good with young actors. And his rambly but determined apology at the end was utterly charming, Tom getting to use his comedy chops.

Now, I'm excited to see screencaps of horny!Clark.... ♥
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