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Michael's new show - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Michael's new show [Mar. 26th, 2010|10:01 pm]

Yay, Smallville boys! First Tom gets his "Hellcats" green-lit & is currently recruiting his cast and now Michael's show "Zeroes" has a script commitment from SyFy. Link

While I'm always a cheerleader for Michael's projects, I'm especially excited for "Zeroes."

This is a good premise, so good that I'd watch this show even if Michael wasn't involved. Michael characterizes it as "Galaxy Quest" meets "Eastbound and Down." It's the "Galaxy Quest" part that makes it WIN - it's such a rich vein to mine: conventions, fans, flashbacks to Michael's character's old TV show.

Just imagine the potential guest stars that could appear in this show! A chance for genre and sci-fi actors to send themselves up: I want to see Stargate, Supernatual and Battlestar Galactica people engage in a little self-parody. I want to see Michael's convention buddy Brad Dourif. I want a John Glover cameo. And most of all I want to see Tom show off his comic chops - imagine Tom playing "himself"? He could play Bizarro!Tom: obsessed with publicity and shoving himself in front of the cameras. Gold!

It's Michael's!
This isn't Michael's first attempt at a pilot: Welcome to Paradise, Bullinsky, Green River Road....all cool ideas, all back on the shelf. I love that he didn't get discouraged, that he kept pitching ideas until one hit. It's exciting that he will be involved behind the scenes, as well as onscreen and this hopefully will open up even more opportunities for him.

Someone tweeted to Michael today "I hope you don't use the show to burn bridges..". Meaning: please don't use your new show to bash your old show. It's a thoughtful comment; I expect some gentle satire at the expense of SV but that most of the humour will be self-deprecating, because that's how Michael rolls. And if anything, Michael landing this show actually increases the chance of him popping up on SV again. Why? Because he will know what his filming schedule will be and if he can fit in a trip to Vancouver; because he'll get to return on his own terms (no shaving!); because the theme of "Zeroes" shows the huge impact SV has had on his life and because now, he has his own show to promote. (Symbiosis, baby!)

The one unknown quantity
Not sure yet what to think about Jonathan Silverman. I haven't seen much of his work. What do people think? Will he be a worthy co-star? Will he & Michael have chemistry?

Self-portrait by Michael: YAY!!!

(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: tasabian
2010-03-27 09:59 pm (UTC)
My concern is how the show will treat the fans. Remember - he's the one who practically forced [info]richess to squeeze his tush.

He seemed very cool. I hope it wasn't just research.

He's been attending conventions since long before he became an actor. He's talked about taking the bus to New Jersey to go to horror conventions and meet his heroes. I think he understands fans because he is a fan, still. He brings his light sabre to meet George Lucas, he framed a letter from Wes Craven and at SFX, he ran over like an excited kid to meet Alex Ross.

So he knows what it's like on both sides of the table, which is not the case for many convention celebs. And Michael's humour, while self-deprecating, isn't ironic. He doesn't attend Chicago or Christopher Cross concerts with an ironic outsider perspective; he goes because he loves the music. So on "Zeroes", I'd expect most of the mocking, will be squarely aimed at his own character. (With the network and perhaps Al/Miles surrogates taking an occasional hit.)
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