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Smallville review: Lazarus

Haven't had a SV rant in a while. If you enjoyed Lazarus, stay away from the cut. Far away!

I'm mentally scrolling back through seasons premieres and yep, this was the worst. By miles.

Anticlimactic, plot all over the place, yucky cinematography so that even the sunlit scenes look sickly.

Key areas of dissatisfaction:

- While I appreciate that they didn't try to pretend that the clone Lex is "real Lex", having him share a memory with Lex and spout a lot of nonsense about his first meetings with Clark was just cringe-making. If this is even in the ballpark of the dialogue they'd give Michael, I'm back to wanting him to stay away. And that's despite the actor playing old!Lex being very good and utterly wasted in this part - wish they'd cast him as the Suicide Squad dude instead (whose performance was poor.)

- They actually had old!clone!Lex ogle Clark and run a finger down his chest. This was....misguided, to say the least. Evoking older, better episodes is invariably a mistake on SV and this is the worst example yet.

- They stole the plot device from Dark Knight, extracted all suspense from it and resolved it in an extremely dull fashion.

- Jor-El was extremely sanctimonious tonight. To Clark: "You nearly took a man's life." Uh dude, you exploded an FBI agent, remember? And you kidnapped a little girl, made her think she was kryptonian, then killed her.

- Clark, who has never shown pride, is suddenly given a completely out-of-character and horribly written prideful tantrum at the Fortress - so I assume we're meant to be on Jor-El's side? Never!

- The scenes of Oliver getting repeatedly punched in the face were extremely dull.

Okay stuff:

- Nice work from both Erica & Allison.
- Dr. Emil can steal a scene just by saying "Move, Clark" and doing stuff in the background.
- I'm mildly intrigued by Tess playing Mama to a new Alexander clone.

Final scene

- dead!Jonathan is more likable and self-deprecating than living Jonathan ever was and I like how he acknowledged his own anger problems - nice continuity there. Also like that he laughed off Jor-El. Tom & John were great in this scene. But the bad dialogue continued. These two lines made me laugh.

Clark: "I destroyed an entire building!" (Me: Go to your room. Or come to my room, that's better.)

Jonathan: "We all make sacrifices and every time we do, we lose a little something in the process." (Me: NO, REALLY??? You don't say!)

GRADE: Worst since Requiem and a real letdown after Salvation.
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