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Happy birthday, complicat! Michael Music.

Michael sang or referenced a LOT of songs at the convention! Here are a few more to add to your collection.

This Rick Springfield song was on his ipod and seems to be a big favourite - he also sang it at a hockey challenge a few years back!
Don't Talk to Strangers

He mentioned going to the Psychedelic Furs concert - here's one of their best.

Another one from the ipod & he got very excited when one of the twins cited "Goonies" as her favourite movie. The song is silly but irresistible.
Goonies R Good Enough

Worst '80's song ever? Possibly but somehow lovable after watching Michael dance to it!
We Built This City

Also from the Ipod - Styx classic!
Come Sail Away

I still can't believe he sang along to this one. Love that he loves The Smiths.
This Charming Man

This used to be a Jensen song - no longer!
Eye of the Tiger

Happy birthday, darling!
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