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Smallville review: Supergirl

*spoilers inside*

I thought this one would be awful because the spoilers weren't promising & I'm generally not a fan of this writer. But there were some bits that I liked.

- Though I enjoy LV, this wasn't the best way to bring back Kara, as spokesperson for Stupid Jor-el. I did like that Clark initially ignored all of Jor-El's messages and ploughed ahead anyway. Clark's "flying lesson" didn't thrill me in concept, but Tom was very sweet in those scenes and his plummet back to earth was well done.
- I did like that Kara takes her earth disguise cue from Clark. LV looked adorable in her specs.
- Awful line: How can Clark possibly say that Kara is "his only family"? Shame on you, show.

- The first part of this episode was great for Lois - I like whenever we see her in hellbent-driven reporter mode. "Goodbye Barbie dream desk!" gave me a laugh. Wish she hadn't ended her investigation in fetish gear, in peril, though.

- Really enjoyed Michael Daingerfield in both his incarnations, as Godfrey and Godfrey/Darkseid. Smooth and menacing and having a great time with his speeches. Glad that he'll be back in a future ep. The episode managed to sneak in a little more political commentary, including Lois's little dig at "family values" & Darkseid using church as a smokescreen: it's a welcome trend this year.

- Least surprising moments: Oliver with his shirt off and Oliver getting teary.

- WTF moment: Lois and Kara are pure of heart and Clark isn't? That doesn't actually do the girls any favours character-wise. It makes them rather boring. Much more interesting if Darkseid senses a potential for darkness in all of them.

- Accidentally funny moments: Darkseid's final monologue went on forever: "You have TURMOIL...etc & etc" Is Darkseid really that much of a chatterbox? And Oliver's itty-bitty press conference rushing towards him, the Vancouver day players making the most of the their Smallville moment, was quite amusing.

I felt the lack of both Tess & Chloe in this ep. Tom looked delectably pretty throughout.
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