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Smallville review: Isis

*spoilers within*

The best things in this episode:

Tess, deadpan: "Oliver. You're like Christmas."

Tess laughing her ass off at Cat. Cat stabbing Lois with a pen. I hope Cat & Lois get more head-to-heads coming up.

Clark rescuing Cat in the most elegant way possible, dropping her at a cafe with a cafe au lait and a newspaper!

Clark tidying up the museum, even uncrinkling the busted door, the sweetie.

And finally: I'm not a Clois 'shipper but I have a huge kink for women (or Lex) leaping on top of a startled Clark so that final scene gets a round of applause.

The Rest

Oliver seems to have about 40 000 lines of exposition in this & they all went in one of my ears and out the other. And Justin can't pronounce "caricature."

I'm glad Hawkman is away so we didn't get more exposition from him.

Tess apparently 'ships Clois and Chollie. Thanks for pushing those plot points home, writers! Me, in the absence of Clex, I'd welcome a Clark/Tess kiss: make it happen, Isis!

Erica, so awesome and chilling as Faora, is stupendously awful as Isis. That said, I'm not sure what a not-awful performance of Isis would be like.

If they are headed in a "All Luthors are Evil from Birth" direction, this plotline can fuck off.

The Worst
Clark telling Oliver that he's going to tell Lois his secret because he saw the future reinforces the Big Writing Mistake of Homecoming. Not exactly risky for him, is it, now that he knows how it all turns out? It makes it seems like he's following a road map. How much better if he'd taken a metaphoric leap of faith by telling her, and she takes a literal leap (into his arms.)
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