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Happy birthday lapetite_kiki

Joyeux anniversaire, lapetite_kiki ! Deux de vos belles images ont inspiré cette petite Clex histoire.

Pair: Clex
Rating: R

Before Lex, Clark had never needed an alarm clock. He'd rarely slept through a night. It's rare that they get to wake up together. Too often Clark has to slip out of Lex's arms and avert disaster or race to catch a story.

Today he's awakened not by an alarm from the League or a phone call from the Planet but by the flick of Lex's eyelashes.

"Don't wake up yet," Lex whispers. "You can sleep in."

Clark rests his head on Lex's shoulder but doesn't go back to sleep. He lets his hearing roam through the city, peaceful for once.

Lex kisses his ear.

"Stop that. I can hear you working."

"Everyone is so quiet today," yawns Clark. "Even the League didn't call."

"That's because I threatened them with my new laser. "Either Clark gets to sleep in or I take out Green Arrow."

Clark reaches under the covers and tickles Lex's thigh. Lex's sleepy eyes focus and give him a stern look.



"Can we have pancakes?"

Lex's pancakes are a thing of wonder: blueberries and sliced peaches, maple syrup from Quebec.

In the shower, Clark leans back against the wall and lets Lex explore, grope and eventually climb him. When Lex has teased him past the point of endurance, Clark picks Lex up and fucks him with slow lazy thrusts.

* * * *

Clark shakes the drops from his hair and inserts himself into Lex's towel. Lex shakes his head, pretending to disapprove, then sets about drying Clark.

"And what are your plans for today, Lex?"

"World domination," says Lex, demurely.

"Oh, is that so?" Clark tugs the towel, and Lex, closer.

"The world will be mine," says Lex. "By midnight. Unless, of course, you prefer to offer yourself up as hostage?"

"It's a date!" says Clark. He blurs into costume and speeds through the door, only to return a few seconds later to give Lex, patiently waiting, his goodbye kiss.


(Happy Birthday, Kiki!)
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