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Smallville review: Patriot - tasabian — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Smallville review: Patriot [Nov. 19th, 2010|09:37 pm]
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*Remember, this is the 'non-shipper perspective...

The Good

- Tom continues to be a very good director, elevating his material
- Clark's little pout when Emil hurts him removing his kryptobrand!
- Clark's little pout when AC calls him a clownfish
- Michael Hogan! A performance of perfect pitch. My favourite scene was Clark desperately pleading with Slade to let Clark save him. That's Clark right there. You're trying to kill me but I want to save you.
- I enjoyed Lois's duel of wits with Slade very much. And I suspect Tom added the knife threat to Emil - a little OTT, but fun to watch.
- Hello, Vancouver Aquarium! You are a lovely location.
- Oliver continues to crush on Rick Flag, which will be pleasing to dawnyb.
- Lex got a shout-out! The government stole his idea because Lex is smarter than everyone, the sweetie.

The Terrible

- Mrs Aquaman swipes the trophy for Most Awful Acting by a Guest Star from the Head Villager in Harvest. Beautiful and stacked, yes. Able to deliver a line of dialogue without me hooting & throwing things at the TV, no. She made Aquaman seem naturalistic.

The Overly Familiar

- Remember episodes like "Cyborg" where Cyborg's doomed love for his girlfriend is a metaphor for Clana? And episodes like "Cure" where Dean Cain's doomed love for his girlfriend is a metaphor for Clana? And you want to say to the writers: YesYesYes, we get it, we got it the first hundred times, you can stop laying it on with a trowel. So here, not only do Mr & Mrs Aquaman drop by the farm to offer heavyhanded commentary on Clark & Lois's relationship, it's suggested that Superheroes can only function properly while in constant consultation with their partner, joined at the hip. Clark is chastised for keeping Lois off his team, yada yada.

I don't see it that way at all. Clark and Lois should excel in their separate spheres, their work complementing each other. She's not supposed to be a Hero and that's not an insult - she's a reporter, through & through.

It also implies that Clark can't be a hero without Lois which I don't believe for a minute. He might be a happier hero with Lois but if they parted ways forever tomorrow, he would be a hero regardless.

Again, it feels repetitious. Lana & Chloe also got the "you're the true hero, I can't do it without you" moments & it always rang false. Other characters don't need to be built up at Clark's expense. They can be awesome on their own.

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2010-11-23 03:28 am (UTC)
I adored the scene after the press conference where Tess and Lois try to make their way to Oliver. It was so cinematic. Tom really does make his actors look good.
It was really well-staged - Tom made it look like a massive crowd, when it was probably just a handful of strategically deployed extras.

You know me so well. "Flag was right." That was his way to get back at Clark for defending Lex in "Bride".
He's going to keep name-dropping Flag, hoping Clark will notice & get jealous!

With everyone involved in this from his mother and now girlfriend, where can he just be himself? Is there anyone who could love Clark yet let him have his own thing that's just his?
These writers don't get that having separate busy lives, then coming together at the end of the day, is MORE romantic than being, blah, "co-captains." Superman is a bit of a solitary gig, even within the JLA.
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