tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Michael news! Happy birthday voldything!

Good news about Michael's show with Christian Slater "Breakin' In". It has been picked up as a mid-season replacement and will start airing in April, after American Idol. I'm so excited we'll get to see Michael's character "Dutch"! This show apparently had a good critical and audience response during test runs so I hope it gets a full pick-up for next season. Thanks to tariel22 for posting.

Michael tweeted about seeing a documentary "The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virgina." This gentleman wrote a blog about the movie and includes a cute photo with Michael

Michael has also signed up for a convention in Spain in May 2011, which ED and JH are also scheduled to attend: Link

Happy birthday voldything! Lex wishes you a happy (naughty) day!
Tags: birthday, mr

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