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Smallville review: Collateral

What I liked about Labyrinth back in S6 was the use of Clark POV - we got to see through Clark's eyes nearly every moment - the real suspense (where is Clark and what's happening?) and the frantic pace. This episode quickly dispensed with the suspense in the first quarter, when Chloe explains everything to Oliver. So then it's just a matter of Clark mentally catching up with everyone else. There were a few cool action moments & effects but once the world is explained, the ending is obvious.

What I liked:
- Lois's speech to Dinah. Very nicely done by ED and liked the continuity there. If Lois had thrown in a mention of Dinah and the JL leaving Clark helpless in the street with an arrow in his back, I'd have stood up & cheered....but the show has clearly decided to forget any of that ever happened.

- Chloe's initial walk through the wall was a cool effect

- When the army guy takes control of Chloe's avatar, he immediately has her give these baroque speeches - army guy is a frustrated screenwriter!

- Oliver getting stars in his eyes as soon as he sees Rick Flag. Oh, you two!

- Tom looked exceptionally pretty in his last two scenes with AM & ED.

Inadvertently funny

- Oliver's drama queen table-breaking hissy fit, followed by feral crouching in the corner.

What I wish they'd done instead

- shown the episode from Clark's POV. It would be much more suspenseful to be rushing about this strange world with Clark as our avatar. When he runs into Oliver, Chloe, Lois, Dinah....he has to figure out if they're the "real" ones or not, then figure out who the guards are working for. In other words: this is another epsiode where Clark reacts to what other people are telling him and I prefer him taking his own initiative.

- The episode endorses blind faith, ie Lois says Clark should trust Chloe because it's "in his heart." I would have preferred that Clark had relied on his head, his observation and logic instead, find the cracks in the world and figure out for himself that it's illusory.
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