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Smallville review: Beacon

I liked it. I found it a much better return for Martha than "Hostage", with lots of little continuity nods. AOT was great showing her steel - one tough Mom! Loved Lionel, smitten with Martha in every dimension, bringing up the gift of a watch in Insurgence!

Glover made me laugh a bunch of times. When Oliver points out "In this dimension, you killed my parents!" Lionel's response that he killed them in BOTH dimensions "I had my reasons!" is one of my favourite JG lines ever. Also "I gave you LOTS of gifts!" to Martha.

I'm always anxious about the Lex clone plot but I appreciated the distinction the writers drew between Real!Lex and Alexander. For starters, calling him Alexander rather than Lex throughout. I thought Lucas G. was very good & liked that he did not try and mimic Michael as the Lazarus actor did. His creepy silence at Luthorcorp was magnetic. It's cute that LG is so much shorter than JG, JH and especially TW.

Liked that Clark pointed out that Alexander has someone Lex did not: Tess.

So is Alexander "Connor" the Clex baby? You know, I'd be in favour of a Michael-return if I could only watch THAT conception scene in flashback. (I think it happened after all the jealous Clex drama in "Bound". After the boys stopped pouting at each other, the flannel hit the barn floor!)

Chloe & Lois
LOVED Lois's "fair & balanced" crack. SV was already on some conservative writers hit-lists for "liberal bias." So happy the writers aren't backing down at all.

AM seemed more like early season Chloe this week, which I liked.

"Why are you so good, Clark?" *Loves*
Nice parallel to Lillian killing her son to "protect" him in "Memoria." I like that Tess will still overstep, go where Clark will not, to protect him.

This ep. was a little short on Clark-time which usually annoys me - but I guess I got Glover-blinded & didn't mind as much as usual. What Clark we had, was good. I loved his discussion of establishing his second identity with his Mom.

Clark watching his fan-vids at the end really worked for me. To see him getting love from the people he rescues every day choked me up. Great idea to use fans because they don't look like actors; they look like real citizens of Metropolis. And it works as meta because it's also fans sending love to Tom for embodying Clark for ten years.

Loved Clark's bumpy rescue of Lionel. Also: Tom's little comic pout of reluctance before he rushes back in: fabulous!

And what did everyone else think?
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