tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Michael, Tom and my valentine's sweater

Michael is playing hockey for Ronald McDonald House on February 26th! Link I hope we get lots of photos!

He was also interviewed by his Step-Dad about his upcoming SV return. Thanks to dawnybee for the link: Bald Cap!

When all the clips of Tom courting Michael came out last year, it was suspenseful: what would happen, would Tom get his man? I edited this clip down to its sexy essence. Now that Michael has been "won" (and hopefully is okay with it!) I would love a new interviews from him, from Tom, about his reaction to Michael's return and a new joint interview with both guys would be best of all!

This year, I received a chocolate hockey puck for VD and very nice it is. But my most memorable VD gift ever was this sweater. It was way too big on me, not the kind of sweater I'd choose for myself, but I really did appreciate the effort, from a guy who feared shopping and was so proud of finding something cool for me. The guy & I parted ways but the sweater is somehow still with me!

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