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Allergy question; SV: Fortune

Allergy-sufferers, please help! Do you ever get wobbly legs, sore muscles, blurry vision with your allergies?

*spoilers for Smallville within

*should mention that I very much enjoyed last week's ep.

Watching this episode, I wanted to applaud the cast for their effort - everyone trying so hard - but after the genuine laughs provided by Lionel in Beacon & Clark in Masquerade, Fortune fell kinda flat for me.

What I liked

- That Oliver is the one who suggests dressing up as showgirls to Lois, subverting the Lois-wacky-costume cliche! And Justin as a showgirl is a sight to behold, especially when his top gets ripped off.

- Clark running smack into a building & Chloe's gasp. Clark squabbling with Oliver in the bathroom.

- That drunk!Clark stole the LuthorCorp sign (now, who would that remind him of? ♥)

- The waking up on the railway line scene with ED and JH was very good, the best written scene in the ep, IMO. Erica plays hungover very well - I could feel her headache!


- The mob boss wants to wear a lady's wedding ring?

- Of course, the Mob Boss is attracted to Oliver, out of all the showgirls!

Did not like

- Too Many 'Ships. THREE. I had to watch THREE 'ships play out on SV tonight! I did not tune in for Cosy Couples hour!

- The Emil-as-Elvis thing I did not feel at all, though bless the actor's heart for trying so hard.

- Show, you did not just say that Chloe met Batman and Wonder Woman before Clark, oh no you did not.

- The last scene should have been Clark's moving reunion with the lemur. I'm so bothered they left the lemur in the closet.

I hope the actors had lots of fun but it feels a little late in the season for a stand-alone.
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