tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Celebs on twitter; Michael's feet

Happy birthday, touchstoneaf! Hope you had fun meeting Michael - again!

Does anyone else feel self-conscious when celebs follow you back on twitter? Today I was followed by Balthazar from SPN and legendary Canuck singer, Anne Murray. Very polite of them, but I'm quite happy having one-sided twitter relationships with celebs! Do they really want to read endless Michael & Tom tweeting?

James G continues to field pervy questions about Michael. This week: feet!

Does it bother you when people try and get information about your friends, like Michael?

Usually not, but sometimes it's creepy.... A person just wrote and asked me to describe Michael's feet in detail, and to post photos.

Since someone asked before, would you care to elaborate about Michael's feet?

I have no idea what Michael's feet look like. I'm sure I've seen them, but I've never taken note of them one way or the other

*While Michael's feet are as lovely as the rest of him, I'd rather hear about other parts of him!
Tags: birthday, mr
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