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Michael & Tom, knees apart. [Mar. 16th, 2011|08:46 pm]
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It has been a good week for Michael & Tom photos already! And the SV wrap party is still to come. It is odd to imagine a Tom-less Vancouver. After all this time, can't Canada just keep him?

Via jeannev and justtomwelling, here's bright-eyed and cheerful Tommy, with a leg up. Nice view for anyone in front of him, oh yes.

Another Michael promo pic: Crotchy!

His booties somehow manage to be cute!

Source: RosenbaumMedia

dawnybee found this pic of Michael looking suave & pretty with his young Ghild co-stars.

[User Picture]From: foreverknightfa
2011-03-17 08:06 pm (UTC)
When HASN'T Mr. Welling looked hot?

And yeah, I also cringe when I see people invading his privacy, even when he's trying to relax in public. I agree if that photo is a basis to judge that he does look relaxed. I was concerned that being on SV and doing Hellcats at the same time would be too much stress for him. He's in the prime years of his adult life right now but still he's human ( GORGEOUS guy, but human) and things can pile up against a person.
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