tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Tom and Michael!

Unexpected Tom interview in which he makes me love him even more than usual:

"I've revisited the pilot a few times, sometimes by accident, other times for research, and I'm always amazed how far we've come. I'm 10 years older and 30 lbs. heavier -- I don't know how that happened! -- but I think the pilot still holds up. It doesn't necessarily look dated or out-of-touch."

Never mind the 30lb, you're still as gorgeous as ever! Link Thanks to tariel22 and latxcvi for the link.

So Michael has been wearing "Clark Kent" glasses for a while...he wears a Supes shirt in an upcoming Breaking In episode...what Supes accessory will he wear next?

complicat found this one!

Liking those jeans too! Photo by the journalist, AudreyCleo

Breaking In tomorrow at 9:30! Nice review of Michael's role HERE Thanks to tariel22 for the link.
Tags: breakingin, mr, sv, tw
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