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Breaking In: Pilot!

First up - a big crowd of new Michael interviews!

Michael talks about being a geek

Behind the Scenes interview

Dutch is not a fighter, he’s a lover

Photoshoot video! Tattoos!

Breaking In Stills!

From tariel22 :How Michael got on the show

Thoughts and spoilers for ep#1 behind the cut

This episode was shot close on a year and a half ago so it will be interesting to contrast it with next week's ep (shot 8 weeks ago). Since Michael is going to be a regular cast member, his increase in screen time probably means a decrease for someone else? I'm guessing that will be the Master in Disguise character. Good actor, but the role was a little close to being Dwight for my taste.

The humour is gentler than I expected, not necessarily a bad thing. Oz is a father figure, nurturing Cameron. The tough safe cracker is a nice girl at heart; Cash, the prankster, just wants a buddy.

I hope the cake lady (Canadian character actor Jennifer Irwin) sticks around. My biggest laugh was her popping up at Cameron's elbow.

I loved seeing Michael. Pretty much his entire scene had been previewed so the element of surprise was missing - excited for brand new stuff next week! I like that Dutch, despite the cliches of his appearance, is actually a sweet guy and a caring boyfriend. It's a nice change from Michael's previous "jerk" roles like Kip and lets him play a little closer to home.

What did everyone think?
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