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Breaking In: Pilot! [Apr. 6th, 2011|10:12 pm]
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First up - a big crowd of new Michael interviews!

Michael talks about being a geek

Behind the Scenes interview

Dutch is not a fighter, he’s a lover

Photoshoot video! Tattoos!

Breaking In Stills!

From tariel22 :How Michael got on the show

Thoughts and spoilers for ep#1 behind the cut

This episode was shot close on a year and a half ago so it will be interesting to contrast it with next week's ep (shot 8 weeks ago). Since Michael is going to be a regular cast member, his increase in screen time probably means a decrease for someone else? I'm guessing that will be the Master in Disguise character. Good actor, but the role was a little close to being Dwight for my taste.

The humour is gentler than I expected, not necessarily a bad thing. Oz is a father figure, nurturing Cameron. The tough safe cracker is a nice girl at heart; Cash, the prankster, just wants a buddy.

I hope the cake lady (Canadian character actor Jennifer Irwin) sticks around. My biggest laugh was her popping up at Cameron's elbow.

I loved seeing Michael. Pretty much his entire scene had been previewed so the element of surprise was missing - excited for brand new stuff next week! I like that Dutch, despite the cliches of his appearance, is actually a sweet guy and a caring boyfriend. It's a nice change from Michael's previous "jerk" roles like Kip and lets him play a little closer to home.

What did everyone think?

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2011-04-07 10:43 pm (UTC)
I'm very interested to see how they fit his character in, and of course I'll be rooting for Dutch to keep his girl. And really, who could resist his Papa Smurf?
Exactly - who wouldn't want to leap into those arms? Lucky girl!

I'm excited to see Michael interact with the rest of the cast in upcoming episodes.

I could find, and one thing that really comes across in all of them is how much fun the actors are having making this show, and how much they like each other. I'm glad to know Michael has found (and helped make, no doubt) another happy set!
And introducing everyone to the wonder of Kenny Loggins!
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