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SV writer on Clex romance - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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SV writer on Clex romance [Apr. 8th, 2011|07:11 pm]
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Smallville writer/producer Kelly Souders said this about the show today:

"We actually think of it as the Clark/Lex love story"

A journalist at the event tweeted:

Smallville has a Clark/Lex romance. The writers room thinks it.

Thanks to tariel22 for the Link

What does this mean for Clex in the finale?

Souders: "the focus has been about how these two guys have impacted each other's lives. And I think, starting in the pilot, realizing how it was always just such a twist on the way we always imagined them, as mortal enemies. And in fact, they showed up in the pilot as something quite different. I think in the finale, what our goal was, is obviously we're launching them towards the future, where they are going to be mortal enemies. But what we didn't want, was to make their last interaction something that was just a catfight between them. So we go one step further I think, in showing how they will impact each other, in making the greatest hero and the greatest enemy we'll ever know."

If there's no catfight, I hope at least they end up in a pile of tangled limbs, with the heavy breathing and the parted lips and hands going everywhere and Clark's damp hair tickling Lex's ear...


[User Picture]From: tasabian
2011-04-09 01:48 am (UTC)
... but they haven't shown it bar in those first couple of seasons.
It wasn't as great as in the early seasons but they still had Clex-heavy episodes like Nemesis, Fracture, Arctic in the later seasons. Even with Michael off the show, there have been Clex shout-outs from time to time. Last season Zod asked if Clark had ever had a friend who had been "the other half of his soul" and Clark said wistfully "yes, a long time ago."

Clark also yelled at alt!Lionel this season "Lex was my closest friend and you destroyed him..."

So I think the desire to give us some old school Clex in the finale is there...but there may be a gap between wanting & achieving. (I do have faith in Michael & Tom though.)
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