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Best & Worst of SV's major villains! [Apr. 19th, 2011|07:56 pm]
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Breaking In guest star Jimmie Johnson mentions Michael! Link

With 4 episodes to go, there's not much time to talk about Smallville left...and I still have a bit to say! Ten seasons of SV = ten season-spanning villains....so of the villains with arcs, which were BADASS and which were just plain bad?

Doomsday S8, Rated: F
What a waste! Sam W. is a terrific actor but as a villain, Doomsday was utter fail, from woobie beginning to underwhelming end. Let's count the mis-steps the writers made with this character:

1) Used him to rewrite the mythology from older, better eps like Lineage
2) Put him in a love triangle!
3) Gave him hardly any scenes with Clark - if you bring Doomsday onto SV, his main rival and nemesis should not be Jimmy.
4) Worst fight scene in SV history - it was finished before I realized it had begun.
5) The final revelation: His "human" side was the more evil half! (Huh? And also: who cares?)

Zoners S6, Rated: D-

The "Blink and you missed them" villains could actually have been cool, uncharted territory for SV to explore. The writers could have mixed canon monsters with original creations. But they took a back seat (actually about ten seats back) to the "Who gets to boink Lana?" melodrama that dominated S6. Shame, because wouldn't it have been fun to watch Clark fight this thing?

Darkseid S10, Rated: C
Desaad (below) represents Team Darkseid because he's the hottest! Just as S6 was about Lana-feuds, S10 is foremost the story of Clark Getting Engaged, with the Darkseid villains serving as vaguely explained window dressing. S10 has also overcrowded the field with villains: VRA, alt!Lionel, a sadly wussy Suicide Squad, Deathstroke and some of the worst villains of the week in SV history. (Isis, mildly disgruntled cultists.)

My choice would have been to alternate focus between the three Darkseid baddies: Desaad, Granny Goodness and Godfrey - all fantastic actors, and show Clark facing a growing threat. Would have been awesome to see Darkseid jump in and out of Clark's most trusted friends - to show that there are no safe havens and everyone is vulnerable, which makes Clark vulnerable too. Darkseid and his reach should be terrifying and that hasn't been conveyed at all....yet.

The Teagues S4, Rated C

Surely the oddest villains in SV history: SV takes a swerve into Days of Our Lives and Dynasty territory. Their rock-collecting plotline barely deserves a "C" but Jensen is pretty, Jane is so thoroughly enjoying herself and go figure, Mama Teague vs Lana/Isobel was a better fight than Doomsday. And bonus points for Jason getting the most OTT death scene ever: shot, falls over cliff, swept away by river, crawls back to SV and has house fall on him.

Zod S9, Rated C+
Callum B. is a very talented guy but Zod needs to be one thing, above all others, and that is scary. And I think "scary" cannot be acted. Tom can be scary with a flick of an eye; Michael, much as I adore him, did not manage a frightening Zod either. (Sexy? Oh yes.) Terrence Stamp is terrifying...Callum B looks like...he could murder a pie and maybe kick your ass at snooker. He radiates affability.

It doesn't help that for most of S9 Zod is a general without a headquarters and spends most episodes wandering in and out of other people's houses and bathtubs. Also, unlike Stamp's Zod, he's not that clever (whispering = ineffective way of keeping a secret on a rooftop filled with the super-hearing) which at least made for a great Clark-victory in Salvation.

Easy on the eyes, though!

Brainiac, S5 & S7 Rated: B+
James Marsters grumbled that his motivations were never explained to him in S5 but he manages to get Brainiac dead right anyway. Brainiac's defining characteristic is singularity of focus. He does not fall in love with Lana, take baths with Tess, angst about waking up with blood on him: he works at his task with laser-like precision. Marsters, with tilted head and bird-like movements, perfectly conveys this relentless drive. And that's why Brainiac is scary: he is relentless until his mission is complete.

Lionel, S1 - 3, Rated: A+
Now, speaking of scary...all this bad mofo had to do was steeple his fingers and go "hmmm" and the audience and Lex are quaking in our chairs. The genius of Glover's creation (and it is his creation, as much as the writers) is that for most of season 1, Lionel is an iceberg, most of his activity going on beneath the surface. Oh, we see some bad stuff: corporate backstabbing, sleeping with his son's girlfriend. But so much more is just hinted at, under Lionel's smooth mask of amiability.

So in S2 when Lionel is blackmailing a man into committing murder, is it a surprise? No. Nor the cloning, nor the tampering with Lex's memories, nor the shift to mass murder in S3. You could look at Lionel in his very first episode and think "yes, this is possible." (Even "reformed", good Lionel is scarier than full-on Doomsday.)

Agree? Disagree? 'caps by acampbell

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2011-04-20 01:44 am (UTC)
Lionel is by far the best villain in SV history!!!
And SV invented him - their legacy baddie!
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