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SV boy news; Breaking In

Happy birthday elandrialore! Hope all your b-day wishes come true.

Michael gets chased by paparazzi - and they want his opinion of white belts!

Tom & Jamie W. were interviewed on a podcast about horses this past Tuesday. The host, Robert Dover, is a friend of theirs. Tom was very sweet, apologizing for getting cut off and politely answering fan questions. Jamie mentioned that Tom hates interviews & I wonder what he thought about this one - the host was relentless on the subject of babies: when will you have them and how many? Intrusive! (Maybe horsefolk have a general interest in breeding?) Also amused that the host had no knowledge in Hellcats - I sense that Tom does very little of the talking in this friendship. Still, it's a good listen. Tom mentioned the Clex scene in the finale: "The scene between Clark and Lex is one of my favorites, for sure." Link

Justin Hartley has a twitter

Michael's latest bromance

Last week's mini-kimono! This 'cap & the two below are by waitingforsimon

He's waxing again...

Nice arm shot!

Tom on a coffee run....vest twins! He could stroll onto Breaking In dressed exactly like this and play Dutch's style icon. (or LOVER!) Love the dainty pink watch. 'cap from justtomwelling

That is one impressive bulge! 'cap by tariel22
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