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Smallville review: Prophecy

Tom & Michael will be on MTV Top Ten tomorrow - together!!! First joint interview since 2004!!! SQUEE! I can't watch in Canada but am sure US friends will come through with clips!

This (spoilery) clip shows Michael & Tom on the set of the finale. Michael gets a hug! Man Huggies!

Tom has been adorable in various mediums this week. Michael wore a Supes shirt on Breaking In this week - Tom reciprocated with a Lexy purple flower!

Michael Interview!

And there was the second-to-last episode of SV & quite the dog's breakfast it was...

This was a merger script from two writers. Unfortunately the lesser writer seemed to dominate.

What I liked
- Lois teasing Clark about his super-hearing head tilt and Tom's reaction shot.
- Tom packed into a very tight sweater: yum!
- Clark's surprisingly flirty visit to Toyman in prison - fun scene.
- Clark slamming the door of the Fortess and walking away from Jor-El.
- nice to see Granny Goodness back again, though her scene was a dud.

Wake me when it's over
- Oliver & Kara's endless cave trudge: a study in blue lighting and set design.

- Not only did they re-do the "Clark's girlfriend has his powers plot", they revealed it in the exact same way, with a large falling object.

- Metallo's a bad guy again?
- No scenes for Kara & Clark?
- Okay, Toyman tells superpowered Lois that she must wear his special control-dot or he will send his villanous friends to kill Clark. I was expecting Lois to crush the dot and speed away to save Clark & maybe we'd get a fight scene with Clark getting his powers back in the middle of it. Instead, Lois instantly complies which seems totally OOC and then is sent to kill Clark herself. And it's utterly suspense free. Erica played villainous really well as Faora but this time barely gets a chance to do anything before the sun sets and Clark is repowered. And Tess stands around, ineffective, while Lois is choking Clark instead of trying to get the evil dot off her.

- final scene: Lois backs out of the wedding because she thinks she'll prevent Clark being a hero or something. I found ED's performance "off" here, as though she didn't quite know how to play it. Compared to their nice scene last week, this was completely un-moving.

Unintentionally Funny
- Toyman's Injustice League of Hooded Extras, sitting mopily around their table. Oh BoredAgain, how we've missed you!

So....someone is buying up all the catering companies, messing up Clark's wedding plans? Dare we hope Lex is stockpiling 40 cakes so he can marry Clark himself?
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