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Smallville Finale: What's the worst that could happen?

Firstly...Tom & Michael playing on set! Their love is eternal!

G4 interview with Michael! Filmed today so he's sad about Breaking in :( But he has a cute name for the sexy bump on the back of his head.

Male interviewer flirts HARD with Michael! (Includes spoilery Clex clip)

So...two days to go. Will it be a good ending for Clark? Will the return of Lex be handled okay? Will it be a proper culmination to ten years - or more of a fizzle?

What do you want to see? What do you want NOT to see? Post brightest hopes and deepest fears within!

What we know (ie, me paraphrasing what I kinda remember reading):


- When last seen, alternate universe Lionel was standing over Lex's grave, watching Darkseid materialize. About to be possessed? Or about to wish Lex back to life?
- John Glover has confirmed Lionel dies again in the finale. Killed by Lex, Tess, exploded by Darkseid?


- Oliver is now married to Chloe, though in finale stills they aren't wearing rings.
- Having failed in his quest to find the Bow of Orion and shoot himself in the forehead, Oliver is still a Darkseid vessel for the finale. The producers have vaguely referred to a heroic ending but have emphasized the finale's about Clark's journey, not Ollie's.

- Apparently has a quick scene with Granny Goodness
- Tess seems to be fully redeemed now - so does she die a martyr's death, protecting Clark? There's a scene in which Lex's goons hijack her car and she's taken to Luthorcorp. Lex executes an Ominous Chair Turn, says "Long time, Sis!" and later one-hand throttles her. (To death? Producer Kelly Souders vaguely indicates there's a death in the finale but not necessarily the death of a "person." So alt!Lionel, Shelby the dog, Clark's barn? )

- The Canadian promo shows Chloe reading a Smallville comic to an unidentified moppet. Her son with Ollie? Clark and Lois's son? The fruit of Clex loins? This meta approach raises the question: will the entire series be presented as an elseworld?
- There are pics of happy Chloe kissing Oliver and Sad Chloe hugging Clark
- Chloe gets something the producers describe as a "jewel that no one else got." A Legion ring? Everyone's had those! A crystal dildo from the Fortess? That would make me jealous.

- Lots of still of Martha looking alternately wedding-happy and Darkseid-or-Lex-worried.
- No Perry as boyfriend.

- Jonathan is all over this ep - handing Clark something in the Fortress (Jor El using JK's body as an avatar?), sitting next to Martha in the church (presumably this is JK's ghost & Martha doesn't see him?), Hugging Martha & Clark & looking alarmed.
- Schneider, for years, has wanted the final scene of SV to be ghost Jonathan to reach through a mirror and putting the cape on Clark. Did he get his wish? Why can't I get my Clex 69'ing end scene.

- wears two fancy dresses, gets married, looks worried in a succession of still photos.
- her family does not attend the wedding, except for Chloe who apparently talks her into going through with it.

Connor, the Clex baby
- now living in offscreenville (Washington), presumably MIA for the wedding.
- Will he make a surprise appearance in the finale? Actor Lucas Grabeel says not but maybe it's a fake-out?

- MR seemingly appears in two scenes - one with Tess, one with Clark.
- According to Lionel (unreliable narrator), this Lex is built of all the best bits of Lex clones. I do not love this premise. Based on the promo, he looks exactly like Michael, with a bit of extra head (bald cap).
- Glimpse of Lex & Tess
- Producers say there's a "big twist" with Lex.
- Lex wants to help Clark defeat Darkseid (This I like, depending on how it plays out.)
- Souders: "When we were thinking about Rosenbaum coming back and what our Smallville Lex's purpose was, it was always not quite what you expected, and much more human and emotional,We really went back to the pilot and we thought 'there's that guy who showed up and was totally personable, and super sympathetic, and just wanted to thank a guy for saving his life.' They're going to go on to be huge enemies, so what is it that's pivotal at this moment that's our Lex Luthor and our Clark Kent, and how do we wrap up the relationship that has been so complicated and so mixed with emotions for ten years?"

*not many Clark spoilers, they're keeping him under wraps
- gets married and spends most of ep dressed in fetching wedding vest
- battles Apokolips
- the Darkseid scenes were cut for timing reasons (!)
- it sounds like there will be a bit of flight shown & a glimpse of the suit as well
- Tom is very excited about the final shot of the show & thinks fans will be too.

What do I think?
- I think it will be.....an episode of Smallville, with the usual mix of "Tom PRETTY" and "ARRGH" and "didn't we see that already in S4?"
- Regardless of how Lex is written, I'm glad Michael returned. If he hadn't, I think Breaking In being canceled would have resulted in a string of nasty tweets from embittered SV fans. At least now, the tweets are supportive.
- I adore all Tom's quotes about Lex & Clex! Will probably cherish these more than the finale itself.
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