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Smallville review: The Finale

Firstly because I can't get enough of them, another new clip of Tom & Michael being giggly and cute! Michael actually makes Tom double over! Thanks to fruitbat00 for the finding the link!

For the very last time...

I'm going to ignore the first hour because it was people saying the same thing over & over. Lois has Doubt. Clark has Doubt. I find these Doubts highly unconvincing. She reads his wedding vow. He reads her wedding vows. Doubt! There are literal & symbolic doors between them! Tom looks divinely pretty in a cemetery."Clark, you need to hold onto your past" - said by three characters in a row. Shut up! The vows get read again. This is a very long hour. I wait for a Tess scene where I might actually get some action and then....

Oliver starts busting up the church and finally I'm interested. I wish he'd stayed possessed a little longer because it was cool to watch.

In the Tess/Lionel scene, Glover really outdoes himself in the Bad Touch department! He's all over her. I didn't like the Lex-made-of-Spare-Parts plot device - but it does allow the possibility that Real Lex is still out there.

Clex! It's not the greatest written Clex scene ever but it's a joy to see Tom & Michael together again. Michael always says "Kal-El" like he's holding back a giggle. There's touching & staring and some fun dialogue:

Lex: "You and I, we will both be great men, because of each other..."

Lex: "You're the light. Only you hold the power within you."

(Guaranteed, there's takes of Michael cracking up at that line.)

Clark: "I'll always be there to stop you."
Lex: "Oh, I'm counting on it!"

(You BET he is, baby!)


Lex stabs Tess to protect her from turning into him; Tess smears his face with memory-loss goo so he will forget his history with Clark. We see a montage of Lex & Clex.

I didn't love that Tess went un-mourned by Clark, or that Lex lost his memories. I was glad Clark didn't take Lex's memories (if it had been by Kiss of Lethe - different story!) I did like that Tess got a heroic end. She told Lex she wanted "something she couldn't have." Lex, of course, says "Clark!" because that's where his mind always goes. But Tess wanted redemption and she got it. And Lex losing his memories - all the abuse from Lionel wiped away - seemed to cut him loose from the past; a flashforward shows President Luthor in 2018. (And he's totally gonna fall in love with Clark at the first press conference....and those sexy memories will all rush back! But he'll pretend not to remember at first and start dropping hints and Clark will be all *confused*.)

Tom in the suit and flying was pure joy and visual poetry. The scene where he looks in the plane window and locks eyes with Lois? Hovering above the earth? Perfection.

I also love that they still weren't married seven years later because yeah, stuff kept coming up! That felt real to me.

Smallville has been my first - and possibly only - fandom. I don't give my love to shows easily. Despite lots of complaining over the years, I will always be grateful for the joy that Smallville has given me Clex, Michael, Tom and so many lovely fan-friends!
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