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Breaking In: Not quite dead yet?

Odette Annable (who plays Mel on Breaking In) tweeted yesterday that the show has not yet officially been canceled.

This TV writer isn't optimistic, but notes that some Fox Execs are trying to save the show:
One show was canceled without even being given a chance, some sources indicate the decision was made to can it even before the first episode aired. Not surprisingly this show aired on the Fox network which has a history of unfortunate cancellations(Firefly anyone?) The show in question was a Christian Slater vehicle called Breaking In. The show as fast paced, funny and had an amazing cast consisting of Michael Rosenbaum(Smallville), Bret Harrison(Reaper), Trevor Moore(Miss March) and Odette Annabele(Cloverfield). Despite averaging a respectable 8 million viewers per episode the show was canned before the season even ended. While I hear rumors of some Fox executives trying to keep the show alive Fox has screwed me too many times in the past for me to hold my breath.


I WANT MORE DUTCH! Photo by Odette Annable:


Michael with an adorable child

Michael in a hailstorm
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