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Breaking In, Happy birthday redteekal!

This article explains that Breaking In fell off the schedule not because the ratings were low (7.7 millions viewers is pretty good actually!) but because they didn't have another show to pair it with:

Unfortunately, Breaking In's future may hinge more on whether Fox can find a suitable show to pair it with rather than on ratings or internal network support. "They just really don't know what to do with it," Goldberg says. "When you have a family show or a relationship show, they really know how to promote that and make that a hit. But if you have a show about a bunch of geniuses who do heists every day, that's hard for any network to figure out."

I read another article indicating that Fox wants to target women viewers & thought Breaking In didn't do that. The replacement show is a sitcom called the "New Girl." I wasn't very impressed with the promo (quirky, weepy girl needs support from three men and a supermodel) I would rather watch Mel kick ass with her lockpicking mojo on BI!

If you want to send a note to the network, here's the head honcho:


Happy birthday redteekal! *offers Tom in bed*
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