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Michael's BFF gets married! - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Michael's BFF gets married! [Oct. 10th, 2011|03:31 pm]

Michael's legendary best friend Chris got married on Saturday, prompting this post from Michael:


(Which of course led to over a hundred "I'LL MARRY YOU MICHAEL!" responses.) But the more pertinent question: will Chris still be available for hand-holding at Cons, wingman at Madonna concerts, partner at karaoke etc?

Blurry Michael in a nice grey suit. That's Tara Lipinksi on the left. Source: TL's twitter

Old photo. Love: Michael's pants, how serene they all look. Source: RosenbaumCity, I think?

Chris has a photography blog and posted this photo a few months back. He married the pretty lady in the foreground. Interesting expression on Michael...

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2011-10-10 08:42 pm (UTC)
I'm well, thanks - enjoying the last day of a gorgeous long weekend. I never ended up going into the Con; I did stop by on Friday to see if SV guest actor Elias Toufexis was signing but ended up having the following conversation with an organizer.

Con Guy: "He's done for the day."
Me: "Okay, thanks." *prepares to leave*
Con Guy: "But if you want an autograph ticket for him you should buy one now because we're closing sales."
Me: "But if he's done for the day..."
Con Guy: "He'll be back for karaoke."
Me: "But will he be signing?"
Con Guy: "No."
Me: "So is there a point in buying a ticket..?"
Con Guy: "GIVE ME MONEY." (I'm paraphrasing a little.)

I enjoyed reading Simone's report though!

There are great Michael icons here!

Hope you've had a good weekend too.
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