tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Where's Tom? Michael-love from Glover

In Tom & Michael news: Tom is currently in Germany and with wife Jamie, has just purchased a million dollar horse. (It's a business purchase.) Michael hosted his friends for Thanksgiving dinner and played flag football yesterday. I sort of love that Tom is the sexy, well-connected jetsetter and Michael wears flannel and plays football; It's vaguely Clex in reverse & somehow so hot. They should add to this hotness by making out on camera. (Speaking of cameras, I hope some resourceful Germans manage to snap a photo of Our International Man of Mystery.)

Another mystery: Michael has changed his twitter profile, Survivor's out for his 40th b-day party; Air Supply is in. What happened there?

Some Lex talk via fruitbat00 and tariel22:Glover says Michael is sexy

An old photo, newly posted:Why hello, you slender, sexy thing!
Tags: mr, tw
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