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Smallville Retrospective [Dec. 4th, 2011|06:44 pm]

Due to the great kindness of a friend (♥♥♥), I have been able to watch the SV Retrospective documentary that came with the all seasons dvd set. While I wish there was more glimpses behind-the-scenes and more interviews with Tom, it was a pleasant walk down memory lane. The retrospective documentary is not without its frustrations - it would have been nice if it was acknowledged that some plot-lines were more successful than others - but any sort of critical assessment is absent.

christina_kat has posted Youtube links for parts of the documentary (via Maria & Tom Welling Unlimited.) Links, thoughts and a few new 'caps of BTS Tom & Michael, behind the cut:

Season One Retrospective

(Love Michael prattling about the weather to Tom at 6.14. As christina_kat points out, he seems mesmerized by Tom's face!)


Season 2

Season 3

(JS talks about how he used to argue with producers via 12 page essays! Clip of Michael being silly begins at 3.40. It's interesting (and appropriate) that Alicia gets a mention, but Adam, who had a multi-episode arc, is not.)

Season 4

Season 5

(Contains some maddening BS about "good" Lionel.)

Season 6

(Features quite a bit of talk about Nemesis, which is interesting as when the episode first aired, it didn't get much press compared to the big soapy episodes, like "Promise." Like Alicia, it was a fan-favourite! Director Mairzee Almas talks about Tom & Michael's different work styles.)



I would love to read some LJ thoughts & reviews from people who haven't posted for a while - you know who you are! *nudges*

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2011-12-05 12:56 am (UTC)
A thousand times this. I hate that they seem to take personal responsibility totally out of the equation and dump every bad thing that Lex has done and will do squarely at Clark's feet.
By S7, I put the blame squarely on Lionel. as does MR. As we see in "Luthor", and as Clark says: "Lionel's blood doesn't corrupt. It’s the man himself. I was wrong." and from Scion: "he was my closest friend and you destroyed him."

That said, if the events of Shattered and Asylum had gone differently, if Jonathan and Martha hadn't been so resolute against letting Clark help Lex? Then he might have gotten Tess's murderer-to-hero redemption arc. That's the power & tragedy of S3.
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