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Smallville Retrospective [Dec. 4th, 2011|06:44 pm]

Due to the great kindness of a friend (♥♥♥), I have been able to watch the SV Retrospective documentary that came with the all seasons dvd set. While I wish there was more glimpses behind-the-scenes and more interviews with Tom, it was a pleasant walk down memory lane. The retrospective documentary is not without its frustrations - it would have been nice if it was acknowledged that some plot-lines were more successful than others - but any sort of critical assessment is absent.

christina_kat has posted Youtube links for parts of the documentary (via Maria & Tom Welling Unlimited.) Links, thoughts and a few new 'caps of BTS Tom & Michael, behind the cut:

Season One Retrospective

(Love Michael prattling about the weather to Tom at 6.14. As christina_kat points out, he seems mesmerized by Tom's face!)


Season 2

Season 3

(JS talks about how he used to argue with producers via 12 page essays! Clip of Michael being silly begins at 3.40. It's interesting (and appropriate) that Alicia gets a mention, but Adam, who had a multi-episode arc, is not.)

Season 4

Season 5

(Contains some maddening BS about "good" Lionel.)

Season 6

(Features quite a bit of talk about Nemesis, which is interesting as when the episode first aired, it didn't get much press compared to the big soapy episodes, like "Promise." Like Alicia, it was a fan-favourite! Director Mairzee Almas talks about Tom & Michael's different work styles.)



I would love to read some LJ thoughts & reviews from people who haven't posted for a while - you know who you are! *nudges*

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2011-12-06 12:12 am (UTC)
Was there much BTS footage or bloopers BTW? :)
No, I was hoping for much more. I've linked to the remaining parts in my comment to complicat above, if you want to watch the rest. Long quote from AM on the S10 clip that you might enjoy.

I just can't with "Good Lionel" when he was still consistent in talking to Lex like shit right up to season 6/7. I just don't understand why they would try so hard to sell Lionel as some kind of misunderstood saint, at the same time as say having that character mocking Lex's emotional damage over his mother's death in Phantom.
Yeah, Good Lionel tortures Clark and beats a lady to death with a shovel in S7! I think "Luthor" cleverly showed that "Good Lionel" was barely different from the Lionel that dominated & warped Clark Luthor in that dimension: it was always about control.

Trying to make him some kind of father figure to Clark was so blatantly them just stretching reasons to keep him around because they liked the actor
I think that was it - everyone loved Glover and so Lionel stuck around much longer than expected!

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