August 16th, 2008

made by ctbn60

Con Advice!

I am finally allowing myself to get excited about "SFX" next weekend.....a week to go and Michael is still listed for both Sat & Sun. I thought for sure he'd just be there for one day so this is tremendously thrilling!

This is my second Con; my first was Collectormania in May and I had a posse of experienced con-goers (hils, complicat, & supernaturalhel) to show me the ropes and teach me Con-etiquette.

So I'm very interested in helpful Con hints anyone has to offer!

drusplace, lexalicious70 and herohunter have posted new Michael-pics, from a charity event he attended this week! It looks like he went to another party before or afterwards. Here he is, hanging with a beer and a dude!

There's another beautiful photo here - I couldn't figure out how to copy it but I bet one of the clever girls on my f-list can! Look at those sea-green eyes....*sigh*