October 20th, 2008

made by ctbn60

More birthday & Michael-spamming

Happy birthday to shuteyespy! Hope it's been a happy day for you :)

I posted a question on James Gunn's message board. See if you can spot the hidden agenda.

Me: Any chance of a gay installment, perhaps featuring yourself & Messrs Rosenbaum and Fillion? Would be a nice gift for the ladies and some of the boys...

JG replied: No plans in the near future, but who knows. Could happen. Unlikely between me and Rosey and Nathan. More likely between my brothers Sean and Brian.

Ah, well. Worth a shot!

James Gunn has posted two lovely photos of himself with Michael and Chris. Clicky!:

Chris, Me, and Rosey at Sunset Sundays.

The smile, the arms, the pendant....*is dead* (Credit: James Gunn.)