December 7th, 2008

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Naughty Glover and Baseball Mikey

Happy belated birthday to ange_elphe!

An IMDB poster talks about taking a theatre course with John Glover:
I'm a senior acting student at Towson University, and John comes back every year to teach classes and hang out. Every time he comes he has this group of students and he takes them all out to dinner and to have drinks.

He also gives a very large scholarship to one student a year. I got that scholarship this year!!!!

John and I go way back...

Once, I was doing this monologue and had to something...and he told me to go to the bathroom and take off my underwear and try the monologue that way....


Dare we hope that Michael or Tom might have received this same acting tip? Because.....HOT!

What's Michael been doing? On November 21, he and his brother Eric attended "Under the Lights with the Dodgers", an event where fans can go to Dodgers stadium and meet the players and swing a bat themselves. One Dodgers' fan shares her encounter with him:

Nelly writes:
While standing in line to get food, I am looking at this guy say to myself "I know him from somewhere." Sure enough it's Michael Rosenbaum who played Lex Luther on Smallville. He asked how we were doing, and he was just enjoying all the festivities just like we were. We ran into him all night long, including leaving the parking lot. I will tell that story in a little bit because it was LOL funny.

She continues:
We were running into Michael Rosenbaum the entire night. Well, as we are leaving the stadium, he and his brother are getting into their car as well. So, we follow them out the gate, thinking they knew where they were going - not the case. So, we spent about 5-10 minutes following their car trying to find a way out of the parking lot.

Other posters want more details. Nelly adds:
As far as Michael Rosenbaum. He was the only reason I watched Smallville. I was so intrigued by the character and how he became the bad guy. I was standing between him and his brother when we were getting dinner, and we were also in the dugout with him. We kind of wanted to get his autograph, but he was truly having a good time (not acting like a spoiled Hollywood star). He was talking on his cell phone telling people where he was and planning a get together for the next day, couldn't decide what to have as far as food, using bad language, picking on his brother and the others that were with him and asked us many times if we were having a good time, and then seeing him again in the parking lot, and getting lost in the parking lot following him was hilarious.

I looked around for photos but didn't find any....but here's a past glimpse of sexy baseball!Michael: