January 1st, 2009

made by ctbn60

Birthdays & Michael in 2008!

Happy birthday to lisamdixon2002! Hope you had a Spike-tastic, Marsterriffic day!

Happy birthday to dawnybee! I adore your posts beyond words. Each one is a perfect entertainment digest, with pretty pictures of pretty men, combined with fabulously acerbic commentary. And since you've introduced me to so many bands, here's a song for you. Little Jackie used to perform as Imani Coppola (remember "Legends of a Cowgirl?) Her new song is called "28 Butts" and it's hip-shaking ear-candy!

And happy birthday to the other New Year's baby, ir3naus as well!

MICHAEL! I was looking back through old entries....he was a busy guy this year! Behind the cut, a sampling of favourite pics and quotes from The Sexy in 2008. Be warned: longwindedness!

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