February 15th, 2009

made by ctbn60

Michael sings!

Eeeeeee! I have lovely gifts on my profile page - thanks very much to my kind benefactors!!!

I didn't get my act together in time to contribute to the Valentine's meme, but many thanks for the kind comments, which really made my day!

My friends-list is a great joy. When I need to read porn...there is porn. When I want to know what Michael is up to right now, or see a photo of Tom's gorgeous smile, these urges are satisfied. When I'm mad at Smallville, there is brilliant meta and reviews to make me feel better. I'm in constant awe of the writers, artists and vidders who take the raw material of Smallville and re-shape it into something awesome.

I can't access livejournal at work but it is my equivalent of a dry martini at the end of the day; I log in, I chill, and any residual stress from the day ebbs away. So thank you all for that ♥

Now....Michael! I found some photos of him jamming with a band. Hadn't seen these before.

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