March 9th, 2009

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Sick Tom & Michael cuteness!

Lacroix, the SV insider, has posted at IMDB again!

"We're halfway through filming of episode 20.

Yes, Tom was sick after we came back from Christmas hiatus, and that caused him to have to bow out of directing ep 17. So a little shuffling was done, and he's now directing 21."

*cuddles sick Tommy* Did the network catch him at a feverish moment & get him to sign on for S9?

Prior to Lana's return, Lacroix had indicated he didn't care for how her final episodes were written. Yesterday, he reiterated that opinion. It's amusing that someone who works for the show would be so frank:

"It was just a crappy way to end it - this is basically making Lois Clark's second choice, he has to settle because he can't be with Lana...crappy, crappy, crappy.

And Super-lana? Oh my god how much did that suck?"

A lot, dude!

Time for some...

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