April 8th, 2009

made by ctbn60

Need new Michael!

I'm so out of it: are there new episodes of SV and SPN tomorrow?

Michael has designed a messenger bag for a charity auction! *wants* Proceeds benefit the Books for Kids foundation. The auction begins on April 14. More info here:

Since we haven't had any fresh pretty for a while...here's a pic of Michael cuddling a Dragonlance producer from a year or two ago. I'm jealous.
John Frank and Michael Rosenbaum (The Flash) at Dragonlance v/o

And here's a throwback to the Zoe era, as Michael poses with "Mr. Sitcom!" Such a cute little flirty thing - love the hands on hips stance!
Me and Michael Rosenbaum (before he was Lex Luthor)