April 13th, 2009

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Lex and the Ladies!

The character Michael plays on his new TV show is named....*drum-roll*....DEREK!

NBC is only producing five comedy pilots this year: that hopefully means that Michael's show has a better chance of being picked up. (In contrast, ABC has 13 comedy pilots.)

I am also very happy that the executive producer is Mitch Hurwitz, who produced my beloved "Arrested Development."

This is Lex week at sv_char_love! Show baby some love! Here's my post:

Lex and the ladies!
made by ctbn60

Michael's "Mother" and "wife" have been cast!

The last remaining roles on Michael's new show have been filled!

"Mom" is....Jill Clayburgh!

I can see her as both Michael's Mom and Henry Winkler's wife!

Cast as Michael's wife: Joanne Garcia, formerly of "Privileged." Her character is described as "the long-suffering, shy wife of the middle sibling (Rosenbaum)." Interestingly, her role is described as a "guest role", not as a regular. Will she not be seen in every episode - or is Michael's character headed for a marital split?