April 14th, 2009

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Recs, Michael's "wife", Icon meme

A bit more on Joanne Garcia, who's playing Michael's wife on his new show. Something I missed from the article I linked yesterday: in addition to making a "guest spot" on Michael's show, she will also be appearing on a show called "Cop House" (replacing another actress in the role of a therapist.) Michael's show is on NBC; Cop House is on Fox. It seems like a complicated juggling act.

Initially, her role on Michael's show was as a "regular" but it's been cut down, probably due to budget reasons. (Henry Winkler and Jill Clayburgh don't come cheap!) I wonder if ultimately both the wife role and the baby plot will be cut, if the pilot becomes a series? In a way, it makes sense for Michael's character to be single, as his older & younger brothers both have partners (played by "regulars" Allison Munn and Leslie Bibb.)

For the RPS fans, earthseed_fic has written a cute & sexy Michael/Tom story!

Brilliant Clexy analysis of "Bizarro" by dawnybee

eeyore1017 tagged me for the icon meme and picked out 5 of my icons for me to talk about....

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