April 27th, 2009

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Michael news; Happy birthday, ladydreamer!

Michael's new show: Leslie Bibb (formerly of "Popular") is no longer in the cast.

Nice quote about Michael from Emmanuelle Vaugier who played Helen:
“I had a lot of fun on Smallville. I always loved doing scenes with Michael and the two of us worked really well together. He had some interesting ideas about our characters’ relationship and it was wonderful to work with him on that level as well. Our storyline began to get really interesting when Helen tried to kill Lex and then the two of them reconciled and decided to have a second go at their marriage. That’s when the plot began to thicken so to speak. Their relationship could have gone in so many different directions, and acting-wise, I had a blast playing someone who kind of turned ‘evil’ all of a sudden."

Happy birthday, ladydreamer! In tribute to two of your favourite SV couples...

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