June 11th, 2009

made by ctbn60

Man-hugs and SV Insiders!

christina_kat has posted larger 'caps of Tom and Michael hugging! They really had a tight grip on each other: HOT! Link (I wonder if the guy who posted the Lakers game clips is puzzled that one clip has been viewed ten times as often as all the others!)

Lacroix, the SV insider, has been posting at IMDB again! He hasn't been around for a while but a post blaming Michael for fake!Lex in "Requiem" seems to have prompted him to fire back a long retaliatory comment, which will be interesting to Michael fans! (Lacroix often pops up to defend Michael when fans complain they are "owed" a return of Lex.) He also talks about Sam Witwer's contract, the shock of Jimmy's death and the surprise of Tom's re-signing. Quotes behind the cut...

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