July 12th, 2009

made by ctbn60

Michael & Sam talk about Tom!

Michael: "It's one of those things where you work together every day, so it's like Tom says "you want to get a beer?" and I'm like "no, I just saw you for seventeen hours!"

(Aw, I would ALWAYS go for a beer with Tom.)

Sam: "Everyone was really nice. Tom was really, really cool."

Michael: "He's really easygoing."

Sam: "Yeah, he chills,"

Inevitably, Michael retells the story of Tom drawing naughty pictures on his "Freak" script with two embellishments. "There's this giant picture of SOMETHING....I just remember going: Hah, Tom!"

(Giant picture of WHAT I wonder?)

Michael: "I've gotten him back. I think I've pants-ed him a couple of times!"

THANKS FOR THAT WONDERFUL IMAGE! "A couple of times?" oh my heart...(For folks not in North America, "pants-ed" means pulling someone's pants down!)

In this vid, they talk about a possible Smallville movie. Michael thinks there was an opportunity to make it a few years ago with "Clark, Lex and a few other characters..." (Aw, his casting priorities mirror mine.)