July 17th, 2009

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More Michael-talk about Tom!

Question for the cat owners: do you trim the back paw claws as well?

Thanks to miss_mcelroy for posting a link to the full video of Michael's TikiCon panel here.

I love that after a question about cartoon voice overs, Michael decides it's time to start talking about Tom! Here's the beginning of the conversation with Sam.

Michael: "Sam, how do you like working with Tom Welling?"
Sam: "He's really tall!"
Michael: "Is he nice?"
Sam: "Nice and tall! He's a great guy. You know him. You're buddies with him!"
Michael: "I know I know him!"
Sam: "Seven years!"

Other bits I found interesting:

- when a Lois fan asks Michael what was the point of continuing Clana when Lois was on the show, Michael deftly steers away from potential 'shipper stuff by noting the scripts were a mixed bag, then launching into his amusing rant about how Lex was beaten up every single episode!

- When asked to choose between "Lana and Chloe", both Sam and Michael pick "Helen Slater!" which segues into Michael's opinion that he should have kissed all THREE women, and Sam's happy reminiscence of kissing Chloe. Michael adds that they're all beautiful.

- Michael mentions that John Glover would occasionally get frustrated when entire scenes were dropped or changed at the last minute and would retaliate with extreme politeness: "Oh, is THIS where you'd like me to stand?" James Marshall: "John, we don't have time for THIS."

Humph! Put me on Team!Glover. Marshall sounds like he can be quite difficult.

Thanks to miss_mcelroy & myfablexy for all the stories & photos!

(And from Twitter, James Gunn reports that at a belated birthday party for Michael, the birthday boy sang a Depeche Mode song! ♥ ♥ ♥)