July 19th, 2009

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James loves Tom! Thoughts on Merlin.

*sends good vibes & hugs to f-listies who are having a rough time right now*

James Marsters has been gone from SV for a year but he still loves him some Tom! Here's a quote from his latest Q & A:

How cool was it to be in Superman's Ice Fortress? I know it's an illusion, but are you ever able to forget the cameras and crew and just be within the magic?
No, because it was 115 degrees on that set and I was too busy dying. (laughs) And there was particulate in the air that you just knew was gonna give you cancer, so it was horrible. And poor Tom. He can't sweat; he's all about getting it right and Superman doesn't sweat, so he really suffered.


(Michael & Sam mentioned the Fortress-dust in their panel. Poor Tom, having to breath it all the time!)

From Twitter: It delights me that Michael is a fan of the Arctic Monkeys! And he wants to go back to the UK - maybe he'll turn up at another Collectormania!

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