July 27th, 2009

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Cowboy Michael! Smallville Cast speak out!.

Congratulations to earthseed_fic and ange_elphe who correctly identified the first question asked of Tom at ComicCon: "When will Batman come on the show?"

Here's a wonderful treat, found by polytikal on Twitter! Cowboy Michael - check out those sexy hips!!!! What is this movie and WHEN can I see it???
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I thought the most interesting question asked of Tom at ComicCon was what he would like to accomplish as a producer. His answer was interesting too.

Tom: "I hope to close the gap between production and the actual onset shooting that we do....just cut that time and increase communication."

Though phrased with diplomacy, the acknowledgment that a communications gap exists between cast and producers confirms what fans have wondered about for years.

It's very unusual for Tom to speak out - but over the years, other cast members have occasionally offered criticisms of aspects of the show. This is the exception rather than the rule - usually the cast have been very positive - but there is definitely a pattern to the criticism: the actors want more information & perhaps a little input on their characters.

Some examples behind the cut:

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