July 29th, 2009

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I'm not sure if it's my version of Firefox or the site itself - but I can't get to YoungHollywood. Can anyone else get there?

It would be a shame if the website disappears - they had 13 fabulous Michael videos, including Dodgeball, 'Banging with Luenell, all his Sundance vids...

I also can't open any TwitPics - just me?
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Michael, Tom, SV spoilers

As previously mentioned, Michael will be making occasional guest appearances on a Canadian comedy show geared at tweens: "That's so Weird". Apparently the show will feature parodies of Smallville! (Please tell me Michael puts on a wig and plays Lana.) Link

This Tweet hints that Michael may be considering having his dog Irv's portrait painted. Excellent idea!

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