September 7th, 2009

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Michael's a sweetie; Schneider wants to return to SV

Michael's a sweetie!

John Schneider was at DragonCon this weekend...once again, he displays a somewhat bittersweet attitude towards his former show:
Q: Do you miss playing the character Jonathan Kent on Smallville?

John Schneider: I miss the character desperately! I think, not because of my acting or anything but because of the character, when they killed Jonathan Kent off the show, they lost its moral structure. I felt like Jonathan Kent held the series to a higher standard, and I feel that it is something they are missing lately.

Q: Would you ever come back to the show if asked?

John Schneider: I'd love to come back! Actually what I'd like to do is come back in Smallville's final episode as a ghost or apparition that gives Clark the thumbs up to wear the Superman suit. Sadly, they never call or write though (made a sad face).

Interview by John Jones of the Superman Home Page: