September 18th, 2009

made by ctbn60

Michael the Power Ranger?

According to his Wikipedia page, Michael will be playing the role of Henry Carr in a new Power Rangers tv show: "Power Rangers Samurai Strike." Maybe a voice-over gig? Or, since anyone can edit Wiki, just wishful thinking on a fan's part?

Michael has spent the week being cute on Twitter. Yesterday, his friend James G. posted that he & Michael went shoe-shopping together and shared an apple square. What wholesome fun! James also posts a photo: Link

Michael also attended Tom Arnold's latest bachelor party where his story-telling ability was praised by Dax Shepard: "mrosenbaum is telling amazing stories. The plausibility of the events is highly suspect, but the entertainment factor is unmatched."

And though his NBC sitcom didn't fly, Michael seems to have made a pal of former co-star Allison Munn, who tweets: Wish we still were working on the Untitled, Untitled Somethingorother. As Natalie Cole says, "I Miss You Like Crazy..."

And to 'cap the cuteness, Michael also coined a new nickname for himself in this tweet to Nathan Fillion: When are you going to grace us with your filthy mafia presence? rosen rosen

In closing: a sweet, young, crotch-y Michael!